The Doors of Perception - Florence Hutchings (2nd Edition)

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We are so excited to be releasing the second edition of Florence Hutchings' first book of her work! The Doors of Perception features a new series of paintings and drawings inspired by the artists’ spatial understanding of walking through her apartment, that she initially painted as a large-scale book. The book features a 7.8-metre continuous painting that depicts a walk around the most intimate of spaces, Florence’s own home.

  • 58 pages / A5
  • Hardcover, clothbound
  • Silver foil cover and spine
  • Litho print on uncoated, matt 120gsm paper  

The first edition of this book sold out in just 1 hour, so we have decided to release a second edition to cater to those who missed out the first time around.

“The work for this show really started to come together when I made a fold-out sketchbook that walks the viewer around my entire flat, through the living room, bedroom, bathroom, and finishing in the kitchen. 

Within my work, I’ve always been interested in the everyday interior that surrounds me, so when making this book I realised something I had been missing out on - the doors that led you into each interior. For this reason, I found the average size of a door and made six different full-sized door paintings, as well as works on paper in this ratio. This format was challenging, but it helped me to enrich the merging of working from life with the more abstract elements. Sometimes this makes the viewer question what it is they are looking at, and this is an element I enjoy within my work. 

I’m very excited to be showing my work for the first time ever in Paris as it is my favourite city I’ve visited, I love the art collections there. Bonnard, Picasso, Matisse, and Braque have been massive influences on these and many other of my paintings, so I feel honoured to show in a city where their work is shown in abundance.” – Florence Hutchings