Cathy Tabbakh & Elizabeth Power

Fatal Shadow and Narcissus

The collaboration between Cathy Tabbakh and Elizabeth Power is a natural joining of two artists who share a joint passion for colour, and find joy in painting plants. The pair have both shown with us individually in group shows, but this is the first time either has had the chance to bring together a larger body of work and to collaborate intimately on the direction of the show.

Fauvism and more specifically Matisse provides inspiration to both artists, and so even when working independently their works share a commonality that unites them. Cathy’s work is characterised by a combination of deep blues (Royal, International Klein, Cobalt) as well as various greens, bright red, zesty yellow and a touch of hot pink. Elizabeth’s colour palette is rich in coral pinks, forest greens and cool blues.

As both favour brighter and richer colours the result is often playful, sunny, and optimistic. Shadows and plants are two common themes that unite the work of both artists, and the escapism that these atmospheric works call to mind. Cats, fish, and chairs also make their presence known, and these everyday items create feelings of tranquility and relaxation in the mind of the viewer. 

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12 products