Dandelion - Group show in Basel, Switzerland

Dandelion is a show that has been brought together with no unifying theme, save for the dimensions and the method of presentation of works. Each artist was tasked with the creation of an artwork using only A4 paper which could be then placed inside our carry-on baggage and brought to Basel on the plane. Like possessions in transit - as if we had to escape in the middle of the night, the whole show with us.

This limitation has forced the artists to work in ways that they might not have usually, and some have had to adopt an entirely new scale and medium with which to approach the works. This limitation brings an intimacy and a slowness to the artworks, as the space in which one moves when creating a piece of this size is smaller than the human form, and so requires a certain closeness. The sweeping arm gestures and energetic ways in which large canvases take form cannot work on this small scale, and so the artists had to lean into the paper, working flat upon a table, perhaps their kitchen table, rather than the paint-strewn walls of their studio.

The show has come together very quickly, and so many of the decisions were made subconsciously and instinctively. These are a group of artists whose work we have championed for some time, and who we believe to reflect the unsurpassable brilliance of the emerging UK art scene. Alongside these we have included a few choice international artists whom we have admired from afar. They are a unified group who work in heterogeneous forms.

The works have transgressed seas and international borders to make it here, and the shared journey that they have made in doing so.

This is our first European show post the uncomfortable farce of Brexit, and so the journey these works have made together brings new relevance to the show. The show exists in spite of this seclusion. Once the show is over, this collection of works will dissolve, each work spreading the unit across more seas and more international borders on their way to their new homes. Like a dandelion once blown.

21-26. September | 10 - 19h |

LOCATION - Feldbergstrasse 42 | 4057 Basel | Switzerland

Wednesday, 22/9

Friday, 24/9

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28 products