SHOWSTOPPER - Saatchi Gallery

Breaking from the comfort of a long and drawn-out process of planning, SHOWSTOPPER is an exhibition that has instead been curated instinctually. With no time for reason or conscious deliberation, this show has been the result of immediate and somewhat subconscious decision-making. 

This unconventional method of curation was one of response and not design, and as such any preconceived ideas as to the theme, concept, or meaning of the show were impossible. It is an experiment in spontaneity, both in the way the show has come together, and the speed at which some of the works have come into being.

Any dialogues that arise between the works themselves have only emerged once the works have been hung on the gallery walls, and this approach allows for similarities and contrasts to take equal footing. 

Interpretations of those connections between the works, and the show as a whole, will be as varied as the viewers who encounter them. All interpretations are of equal validity, and it is in surrendering this control that we allow the works to dictate the meaning show.

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18 products